Talks From Our Worship


The Flame of Christmas 1 – Joseph a Flame of Love

The Flame of Christmas 2 – Mary a Flame of Hope

The Flame of Christmas 3 – Shepherds a Flame of Joy

The Flame of Christmas 4 – Wise Men a Flame of Peace

The Flame of Christmas 5 – Herod a Flame of Hate


Fixer Upper 1 – Design & All In Budget

Fixer Upper 2 – Bathroom, Our Private Life

Fixer Upper 3 – Bedroom, Our Most Intimate Relationship

Fixer Upper 4 – Kitchen, A Healthy Place to Start

Fixer Upper 5 – Living Room, Sharing Our Lives Together

Fixer Upper 6 – Final Reveal


What Would You Do? 1 – Would You Argue With God?

What Would You Do? 2 – Would You Hang on to the Status Quo?

What Would You Do? 3 – Would You Throw a Party?

What Would You Do? 4 – Would You Make Things Right?

What Would You Do? 5 – Would You Become Complete?

What Would You Do? 6 – Would You Throw a Parade?

What Would You Do? 7 – Would You Know the Gardner?


The Power to Change a Life 1 – Isaac’s Story, The Power of a Blessing

The Power to Change a Life 2 – Rebekah’s Story, The Power of Deceit

The Power to Change a Life 3 – Jacob’s Story, The Power of Confession

The Power to Change a Life 4 – Esau’s Story, The Power of Forgiveness


Being Married is Tough 1 – Talk Early & Often

Being Married is Tough 2 – Owe Each Other

Being Married is Tough 3 – Understand the Times

Being Married is Tough 4 – Guard Your Heart

Being Married is Tough 5 – Honor With Your Words


This Father’s Wish

Story of Us, Acts 01 – It All Begins With a Question

Story of Us, Acts 02 – When the Spirit Crashes In

Story of Us, Acts 03 – When the Lord Needs a Word

Story of Us, Acts 04 – This Is No Solo Act

Story of Us, Acts 05 – The Power of a Changed Life

Story of Us, Acts 06 – Encouragement Can Change a Life

Story of Us, Acts 07 – Pretender’s Price is Always High

Story of Us, Acts 08 – Gamaliel’s Test of Our Resolve

Story of Us, Acts 09 – Triple Threat Christianity

Story of Us, Acts 10 – When the Lies Get Thick

Story of Us, Acts 11 – The Faith for Everyone

Story of Us, Acts 12 – When God Kicks Your Butt

Story of Us, Acts 13 – When God Asks Us to Get Involved

Story of Us, Acts 14 – The No Box God

Story of Us, Acts 15 – Can I Get Free From This?

Story of Us, Acts 16 – Pushing the Reset Button

Story of Us, Acts 17 – Dodging Stones

Story of Us, Acts 18 – A Burden Too Heavy

Story of Us, Acts 19 – Light Shining in the Darkness

Story of Us, Acts 20 – Sharing Your Story

Story of Us, Acts 21 – The Great Pretender